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Think Small & Outsource

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

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While watching the snowflakes fall on this early Spring New England snowy day, I came across a post from Forbes Tech Council posted today about outsourcing, and how it’s the new normal. They were talking about global institutions and technology project resources, and the shortage of “bleeding-edge” technology, especially in AI and cyber security. While what Forbes discusses is not what the small businesses of the Cape, Southcoast and South Shore are likely worried about, the post did get me thinking of the potential value small businesses in my community could benefit from smart outsourcing.

It’s hard work being an entrepreneur, and so much that goes into keeping your company running. The tedious operational activities that keep it all flowing take time. Maybe you have dedicated staff to handle all of the small stuff. But wouldn’t you rather allow them to focus on the higher level activities that require internal knowledge or specific expertise?

Think Small

We, as a culture, are always saying think big, think globally. As a successful business leader, you must think big, but you must also be able to throw on your operational hat to get down to the dirty details. Relying on good technology is one way to optimize operations. Another way, is farming out the tedious, mundane and small tasks to trusted external resources.

Time is money! Here are some examples of some small, yet time consuming jobs that you could outsource:

  • Accounting entry including book keeping, and billing

  • Repetitive tasks, like digital marketing posts, data entry activities

  • Work surge support; known busy times when you need phone coverage, or other tasks completed

  • Items that require a specialized skill that no one on your team has

As long as the tasks you outsource are the less important tasks, you could really improve your internal staff capabilities and your overall efficiency as a growing organization. We offer outsourcing for these types of tasks at Sea Level Solutions. Please contact us for more information

About Sea Level Solutions Sea Level Solutions is a small business in Plymouth, Mass. that provides remote or in-person administrative and project support services to other small businesses. Julie Silvia, Founder, has 15 years of experience in supporting c-level executives in the project management and administrative support capacity in healthcare, construction and high tech industries. Learn more about how Sea Level Solutions could help your company by visiting https://www.slevelsolutions.com/services or contact jules@slevelsolutions.com

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