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Ride with me for Clean Water!!

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Hi friends and whoever may have come upon this post who lives within a drive-able distance to southeastern New England. I am participating in the Buzzards Bay Watershed ride on 9/30 and am looking for people to ride with me. I have only just begun the training process, and as of now, plan on doing the 100 miler. I like this ride because there are options to do less miles should my training not go well.

If you have never done an organized ride before, this would be a great first time. Nothing beats coastal New England, and late September is the very best time to be outside. Summer will be over, and no doubt Fall will bring cool breezes and color to the area. The route is scenic and there are options for 35, 75 and 100 miles. I have done other endurance rides, but this will be my first ride in support of the Buzzard's Bay Coalition, which I do my best to support as a volunteer and financially when I can, since I live in the southern most part of Plymouth, within the watershed, just feet from Buttermilk Bay.

Check out the routes here There are volunteers all along the route who will fuel us with motivation and refreshments.

A quick note about me and cycling. I love riding so much, and while I have some endurance, I am not known for my speed, in any athletic activity. So this ride is by no means a race for me, so please don't think it is not do able if you are someone who has not ridden bikes much. With a little training, you will surprise yourself on what you can accomplish.

I enjoy participating in organized rides for charity, because it feels good to help out where I can while being a part of something fun and challenging. Whether you are slower or way faster than me, that is totally fine. We can either arrange to meet at certain rest stops along the way, or just see each other at the finish. It's all good! It's going to be fun.

Each cyclist is required to raise a minimum of $300 to support the Buzzards Bay Coalition's work to protect our local environment.

Thanks for considering and I hope you will ride with me!


PS- If you aren't able to ride, please consider donating to support clean water! Please click the image below for details

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