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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

There are so many project management articles that emphasize tooling and how teams would benefit from a fresh and sexy web-based tool with all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, simply purchasing a tool should not be priority. The first step should be to focus on your current staff and how they can help you fulfill your business goals. There is always room for improvement of processes, and it starts with transparency and a bottom- up approach. Your staff is the backbone to your company so having them drive the design of better processes is essential. In small businesses, many functional managers also must be part-time project managers. Before implementing a new tool, it is best to start with your people and in tightening both the operational and project management processes. Without standardized processes, staff will struggle to help you achieve your goals. In small business, functional staff must wear many hats, having a streamlined approach makes it all possible. No tooling can replace a solid workflow backed by an ironclad methodology that everyone involved understands.

Not sure how to improve current processes and train your functional staff on project management best practices? Sea Level Solutions offers business process improvement, project management support, training and services. Reach out to learn more on how we can work with your subject matter experts and operations staff to create standards that will enable your team to achieve your strategic goals. After we focus on your people and tightening their processes, we can help you find the tooling that is the right fit for your organization.


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