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Updated: Jun 15, 2018

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You started with the good stuff. You have a fantastic product or service, mixed with a great attitude. People are interested and buying and you are busy, and finding that your incredibly awesome employees, who you hand picked yourself, are also committed and busy.

You are ready to add more to your services, and eager to do so. This is like every entrepreneurs dream, right? Go you! Before adding more to everyone's plate, let's talk about adding two more important ingredients to really create a recipe for success. How can your team's process be streamlined to deliver more to your customers? Is there room for optimization?

The answer is always yes. There is always room for improvement.

One of the things I am most passionate about professionally, is building effective processes for teams. I love it. It is a win-win situation when I get the opportunity to objectively work with a team to establish an awesome process, designed by them, and then document it, as if putting a seal on it that this is it. Well, key phrase here is as if. The thing with process improvement and change management is that it must be revisited continuously, over time, so that you are always improving the work.

Process improvement and organizational change management go together like peas and carrots.

Forrest & Jenny (Forrest Gump 1994)

Planning for change is huge in any successful business, large or small. Long-term change is to be expected, and a proactive approach should be integrated into your strategy. Using change management strategy and process improvement techniques will prepare you for an unforeseen transition, including an employee leaving, or an enormous growth spurt. A change management plan will mitigate risk. A well worked process will eliminate waste and improve work flow. Flow is the continual movement of value adding activities from the beginning to end. Waste is anything that is basically throwing money out the door, such as, an employee who needs to wait around while another employee completes a task.

Time is money!

Important benefits of implementing organizational change management strategies:

  1. Increased Customer satisfaction

  2. Greater efficiency (and cost savings!)

  3. Better team satisfaction (because you made them in on the change. Go team!)

  4. Full transparency in activities (awareness will eliminate duplication)

As your business grows, your customers' needs will inevitably change. To be prepared for this, you and your staff must be willing to look at your work and improve it. Having tight processes in place leads to increased revenue and lowering of costs. Now that you are aware of these two missing ingredients, let's put them to action!

We work with teams collaboratively to offer process improvement strategies at Sea Level Solutions. Ultimately, the process is owned by you so that you can edit and revise as you see fit. We would love to schedule a complimentary initial discussion to discuss your needs and how we can enhance or establish a process that works for your team. Please contact us for more information About Sea Level Solutions Sea Level Solutions is a small business in Bourne, Mass. that provides remote or in-person administrative and project support services to other small businesses. Julie Silvia, Founder, has 15 years of experience in supporting c-level executives in the project management and administrative support capacity in healthcare, construction and high tech industries. Learn more about how Sea Level Solutions could help your company by visiting https://www.slevelsolutions.com/services or contact jules@slevelsolutions.com

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