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Favorite comments from social media on the Elmo Tree

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"This must be where all the old elmos go to die."

"Oh no. If you saw the tree, you only have 6 days left to live."


"That’s just creepy."

"Very Creepy"

"This gives me the creeps."

"How is this both hilarious & creepy at the same time?"

"The real Elmo is a secret agent with the government trained to hunt down Aliens."

"Holy crap. I need to go there. Have a Tickle Me Elmo in the closet that no one wants and I can’t give away. Bought it for my niece and she freaked the hell out.""

"My thought is that someone found one on a trail and put it on the tree for whoever lost it. Then, different people saw the Elmo and brought one next time?"

" Must be a summoning spell. Summoning the Great Elmo of Elmo's. If you go into the woods around midnight, you can hear the lesser Elmos singing the Elmo song over and over and over. Creepy."

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