No endurance for tears

On January 26, 2019, I will join 1,000 riders to spin at Fenway Park in the 1PM session, which is 1 of six 45-minute sessions led by Boston's best instructors.  I will ride for team #LiveLikeDeb (learn more or contribute here)

Debbie Clare, a dear friend of my sister-in-law, just recently lost her year long battle to cancer. A happily married, mother of 2, she was only 44. She was so positive. Debbie always seemed to be smiling, and she was high energy and beautiful inside & out.  

It is so hard to find words to make anyone feel better about such a tragic loss. One thing we can do is rally. We can come together.

High endurance activities tend to help my mind process, and elate my hormones (I think, although I am no clinician!) and for whatever reason, turn me into a blubbering fool. In normal every day life, I don't wear that much emotion. Get my heart rate to 80% and I am a hot mess. I love to cycle, and I often ride for causes that I care about. These charitable events, especially the ones that involve disease and people, are always emotional, on their own.

This one is about cancer. We all are impacted by cancer. It is a painful and horrible disease to say the least. People come from all over the world to get cancer treatment at Dana-Farber. I think it's great that we can raise money and ride in the winter, via a spin session. There will absolutely be tears. But if we are spinning with Boston's best instructors, there will be plenty of sweat to mix with those tears.

I would see Debbie in all events around my sister-in-law. She is the person who got my brother and sister-in-law together, and her kids and my nephews are the same age. I was not close with her, but she made such a phenomenal impact on my family just by being her witty, and upbeat self, and best friend to my dear SIL.

On Saturday, we will rally. We will think about family, friends and other relatives who may have lost their battle to cancer. We will feel hope for the living proof survivors. We will sweat and some of us will ball our eyes out. We will do all of this with love and in memory of Deb, who has left a legacy of love and energy for all who knew her.


PMC Winter Cycle is a way to channel physical, mental and emotional energy to fight cancer. Participants resolve to find a cure for all types of cancer by raising money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Dana-Farber). The PMC Winter Cycle donates 100% of every rider-raised dollar directly to Dana-Farber.


The PMC is the single largest athletic fundraiser in the country. A model for fundraising efficiency, the PMC has donated 100% of every rider-raised dollar directly to Dana-Farber since 2007.  Since its inception in 1980, the PMC has contributed $654 million to lifesaving cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber. The 2018 PMC gift to Dana-Farber is $56 million!

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